What an amazing journey this has been!!! Thank you parents and contestants for your patience and for joining hands with us in this journey and uplifting each others’ talents. We started this virtual contest with no idea of how this is going to be. It is truly amazing to see the participation and encouragement from family, friends, known and unknown people. We are glad to be part of this journey since we were able to bring out so much talent and potential through this platform.

Our special thanks to our Judges Dr. Jayanthi Sankar, Mr. Thulasiraja Kandaswamy and Mrs. Prasanna Karthik for their time and effort in reviewing every video patiently and providing their feedback. We are lucky to have such accomplished judges to review our talents. They thoroughly enjoyed watching all the performances and were amazed to see our contestants showcasing their immense talents. You can check out our judges’ profile here

We have all been waiting for this day when we announce the results and here we go:

Little Kid (4-6):

 1st Prize  TGT09 – Hanvrith Viswanathan
 2nd Prize  TGT28 – Vaishnavi Manivannan
 3rd Prize  TGT49 – Nethra Arun
 3rd Prize  TGT20 – Ananya Keerthi
 3rd Prize  TGT05 – Gowtham Bharathi
 Viewers’ Choice  TGT09 – Hanvrith Viswanathan

Kid (7-8)

 1st Prize  TGT37 – Akshath Piram
 2nd Prize  TGT18 – Athavan Prabhu
 3rd Prize  TGT27 – Shriram Manivannan
 Viewers’ Choice  TGT42 – Samvritha Anoop Kumar

Junior (9-10)

 1st Prize  TGT36 – Pranav Venkatesh
 2nd Prize  TGT24 – Bhadra Dhinesh
 3rd Prize  TGT38 – Prathyush Karthikeyan
 Viewers’ Choice  TGT24 – Bhadra Dhinesh

Tween (11-13)

 1st Prize  TGT06 – Poorvaj Velavan
 2nd Prize  TGT01 – Shreya Gokul
 3rd Prize  TGT39 – Shrinithaa Elangovan
 Viewers’ Choice  TGT41 – Jananee Saravanan

Teen (14-19)

 1st Prize  TGT11 – Lukesh Sundar
 2nd Prize  TGT22 – Parmesh Sivakumar
 3rd Prize  TGT23 – Jijee Dhinesh
 Viewers’ Choice  TGT11 – Lukesh Sundar

Adult (20+)

 1st Prize  TGT02 – Sangeetha Gokul
 2nd Prize  TGT45 – Raghavendran Muraleetharan
 3rd Prize  TGT03 – Divya Prasannakumar
 Viewers’ Choice.  TGT45 – Raghavendran Muraleetharan

We are proud of the little ones who have taken their first step in finding their passion. We wish all the rising stars great success in life!

We are planning for a drive through award ceremony for ALL the contestants soon. Stay tuned for further updates !!!

Once again, thank you one and all for participating in the first ever virtual Talent Show from TAGDV! It’s your support and encouragement that pushes us to do more.