Thanks to everyone who voted for our Tween (Ages: 10-13) Talents. We have got amazing responses and our Tween talents have really taken the competition to the next level. We are happy to announce the winner for the Viewer’s Choice Award for the Tween Category

Winner is Jananee Saravanan (TGT41)

It was really encouraging to see the comments every contestant has received on our web page. Every contestant deserves a huge applause. They have made us really proud!!! Hearty Congratulations to all the participants from the TAGDV team and keep pursuing your passion, we are sure you will reach great heights!!! Stay tuned for the Judges Awards in the coming weeks!!!

We are happy to showcase the hidden talents of our members with the TAGDV Got Talent Competition 2020! We have got amazing responses for our Teen & Adult categories in the past weeks.

While the judges review the videos and provide their feedback, we are also conducting an online poll for each category to select the Viewer’s choice contestant. This week (July 20 – 25), we are opening the online voting for the Tween Category.

We have a variety of talents in this category. It is going to be a tough choice to choose the best. Presenting our Tween Talent (Ages: 11 to 13 yrs) for the Talent Competition for which we are beginning the online voting. We have 12 contestants in this category:

  1. TGT01 Shreya Gokul
  2. TGT06 Poorvaj Velavan
  3. TGT14 Aniruth Satish
  4. TGT12 Glenn Xavier
  5. TGT17 Nethra Ramesh
  6. TGT25 Guna Krita Ranjith Kumar
  7. TGT30 Spandan Mohan
  8. TGT39 Shrinithaa Elangovan
  9. TGT40 Venu Aravind Dhanabal
  10. TGT41 Jananee Saravanan
  11. TGT43 Athilesh Vimaldev
  12. TGT48 Prathikha Vaiyapuri

The online voting is open for all, not restricted to TAGDV members alone. Please share it with friends and family to vote. We will do our best to conduct a fair poll (like excluding duplicate votes).

Please review the videos and vote for your favorite Tween Contestant!!!

Voting for this category will be open until July 25, 2020

For further questions/clarifications, contact us at

Voting is closed for this category