TAGDV Tamil School Board

I am Leo Paul Paramanandam, a Tech Expert living in the Greater Delaware Valley area for the past 22+ years with my family (wife, 2 kids and a dog). I have been serving in various capacities in the Corporate, Social and Charitable organizations from Executive, Technology and Volunteering roles of which most of them are in the Greater Delaware Valley region. While I am proud to carry the tag of the Tamil Heritage, being part of the Tamil charitable and community organizations in this region in many volunteering capacities has been one of my passions.  I am also very happy to have been part of the initial seed and ideated the Exton Tamil School in this region as it is currently one of the largest Tamil Schools in this area.

The 2020-22 Pandemic has taught many learnings for all of us. It also helped me personally to spare time in volunteering to teach at the Exton Tamil school for two consecutive years. This has been an eye opener to understand the strengths and challenges of Tamil origin kids growing in a diverse cultural environment.

While thanking every member of the 50 years old TAGDV organization for giving me this opportunity to serve as the Chair for the TAGDV Tamil School Board for the years 2022-2024, looking forward for all your support in shaping and enriching the learning process for our kids. It is our responsibility to create a better platform for our kids to be proud of their heritage and every small step counts.

Mr. Leo Paramanandam – Chairman of Tamil School Board
Mrs. Ezhilarasi Elumalai – Secretary of Tamil School Board

I’m Ezhilarasi.. Living in Delaware since 2019. Since then me and my family have been a part of TAGDV. My son started in 2019 in Nilai Arumbu and now studying in Nilai 2. For the love of tamil, I’ve been teaching in tamil school for more than a year now and hoping to continue the same. This year I’m happy to be part of the tamil school board and hoping to contribute to the tamil school more!

I am Manoseelan Arumuganainar . I live in PA for last 10 years. I have two kids and they are studying in Exton Tamil Palli ( ETP). I am in association with TAGDV since they started Exton tamil Palli.
I have been volunteering for various events in ETP and TAGDV. I also served as Tamil School Board – Secretary ( 2020 – 2022) . I am excited to continue my volunteering as Treasurer in Tamil School Board ( 2022 -2024 ).

Mr. Manoseelan Arumuganainar – Treasurer of Tamil School Board