Here we are – home away from home, nurturing our families, with our culture, tradition and parents’ advice as our only guiding forces.   Thanks to the founders and the senior members of TAGDV, we have a larger TAGDV family today, that we get together with, to celebrate our festivals, and for precious brief moments, feel “at home”.

For many of us who are first generation immigrants, several hardships are the norm – mostly due to a lack of procedural knowledge and social habits.  Generous hearts of the TAGDV family have stepped in to help us countless times, through their individual efforts.  Today, we want to enable this larger TAGDV family to do what families do best – stand together for good and especially during difficult times – look out for you, guide you, encourage you and lend a shoulder to lean on. Today, we would like to create a channel, with your blessing, to do this officially and more efficiently –   we are unveiling “TAGDV Cares”.


Based on the Thamizh tradition that is several millennia old – “யாதும் ஊரே, யாவரும் கேளிர்” – TAGDV Cares aims to help equip every TAGDV member, to make the right decisions for themselves, their beloved families and the communities that sustain them.


Emphasis will be on Tamil communities anywhere and local communities in the Greater Delaware Valley, including the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  Through this effort, TAGDV will also involve its younger and future generations in humanitarian endeavors. This mission will be carried out in collaboration, not competition, with existing charitable organizations.


To create the means and a network that would be able to

  1. Conduct awareness sessions for members on varied topics such as
    1. Financial planning
    2. Life & disability insurance
    3. Living Will
    4. College admissions/selection process
  1. Create a Crisis management manual.
  2. Organize workshops for adults/kids to learn more about Thamizh culture.
  3. Increase community involvement through organizing
    1. educational activities such as health/nutrition awareness campaigns locally
    2. Blood/bone marrow drives
    3. Firefighter campaigns
    4. Serving in Soup kitchens
    5. Can/coat drives periodically
    6. Get well cards to local hospitals
    7. Establish scholarships in local schools for high-achieving, financially challenged students
    8. Offer tutoring services