TAGDV Jodi #1 Competition 2023

Registration form

Registration Deadline Jan 26 2023

Are you ready TAGDV talented couple dancers for our Jodi Number 1 competition 2022?

Minimum Age Group : 18+ Must be a Married Couple

Rules & Terms and conditions

1. By participating in the performance, you agree to release and hold harmless TAGDV and its team, affiliates, representatives or volunteers from any and all claims for damages, injuries, causes of actions, or losses of any kind sustained from your participation.
2. TAGDV Judges decision are final.
3. Participant’s registration will close by January 23rd.
4. All dance song tracks must be in MP3 format.
5. Dance Theme: “Thai Pongal Thiruvizha”. The songs should be in Tamil. No other language allowed.
6. Please note time allotted for dance competition is only Duration: Maximum of 5 minutes only
7.All Props need to be reviewed and approved by the Program Coordinator/EC team. Only approved props can be used in the stage for competition.
11.Costume should be stage appropriate. Dance should be stage appropriate otherwise it will be considered disqualified.
12.Songs should be submitted to Program Coordinator by January 26th.

Judging Criteria:
• Entry and Exits/Opening and Closing
• Costumes and Props/Formations
• Coordination and Synchronization
• Song/Music selection
• Choreography – Elegance/technicality/formations/usage of stage
• Facial Expressions, Grace and Energy
• Duration of the performance within limits/Usage of approved Prop

Last Date to Fill Registration form is Jan 23th 2023. ONLY FOR ACTIVE TAGDV MEMBERS.
Visit TAGDV.org for renewal and new membership. 
For membership related queries –  please contact membership@tagdv.org.
For queries, please contact programs@tagdv.org