Date & Time
Dec 10 2022 10 AM.
EC Members 6
Board Members 2
General Body 4


This meeting did not meet the quorum for a full general body meeting. This is a GB update meeting.
  • TAGDV Secretary provided an update on the events so far.
    • Pongal Virtual Event
    • Thirukkural Event
    • TVA Exams
    • Tamil New Year event
      • Book Fair
      • Pattimandram
    • Vidumurai Kondattam Event
  • TAGDV Treasurer report
    • Financial report till date.
    • The new membership validity criteria along with the proposed membership fee changes were discussed.
  • Membership coordinator update
    • provided the update on Members data collection from the TAGDV schools.
    • Elaborated on the reluctance and delay by certain school(s) in providing the member information.
  • Board Chairman update on Bylaw amendment
    • GB members expressed initial feedback on bylaw amendments
    • feedbacks on school data collection
    • feedback on position based election
  • GB members were updated on the democratic policy of the current EC in filling the open positions in TAGDV by opening up to the GB and inviting volunteers instead of EC filling it themselves.
  • The GB members raised some concerns and complaints against the President and the EC for the rushed manner in which the GB meeting  was held in April ’22.
  • The GB members raised complaints on the President. The President requested the concern member to reply to his email.