Results of the referendum – Board of Trustees Results

The voice of the General Body has been heard. 430 of you voiced your opinion. Thank you all for taking the time to exercise your right.

We have four open positions and four candidates. Election Committee certifies the addition of Messrs. Baskar Chinnusamy, Suresh Paramasivam, Siva Prasath, Vijay Selvaraj to the new Board of Trustees for a period of four years effective January 1st, 2024.

Please join us in congratulating them and offering a warm welcome to the Board.

We ask everyone to respect the voice of the General Body. TAGDV is home away from home where everyone is welcome and lasting memories are made. Volunteering for TAGDV is an honor to help everyone to feel at home. Maintaining peace and unity, Tamil Education, culture and arts helps our children to cherish our values.

All of us who are genuinely interested in the welfare of TAGDV should put all the bitterness behind us and work as one big family going forward. Let us learn proper lessons from our mistakes to make ourselves and our association better.

Results of the referendum can be found using this link.

Election Committee thanks TAGDV for this opportunity to serve.