Statement from the Election Committee 2023

Attn: TAGDV Board of Trustees: The Election Committee just met and discussed the issue of legal advice. Please note: Per bylaws: The Board shall be responsible for all legal aspects of the Association. 6.4. Election is to be conducted by an Election Committee of three members, of whom one shall not be a member of the Executive Committee or the Board. One of them will be the Chairperson. The Election Committee is responsible for receiving nominations, verifying eligibility of nominees and conduct of the elections. Nominations shall be in writing, which shall include a statement of the nominee’s willingness to serve and the signature of the proposer. Members of the Election Committee shall not contest in the election. A member of the Association shall not contest for more than one position on the Executive Committee or the Board in a given year. The deadline for closure of nomination shall be one week prior to the Election Day and the deadline for withdrawal of nomination shall be three days prior to the scheduled election. Floor nomination for a position on the Executive Committee or the Board shall be admissible only in the absence of a nomination for that position. It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee to determine eligibility of candidates such as membership requirements. If any legal opinion is sought, it is the sole responsibility of the Board, to initiate and get such legal opinion. If such an investigation is initiated prior to announcing the results, the Election Committee will withhold any election results till there is additional clarity. Since the Election Committee received a detailed complaint from the President of the organization, it is imperative that the Board takes appropriate action including seeking legal opinions. Election Committee is a voluntary committee to conduct elections only and does not have the bandwidth for any other issues. TAGDV Executive Committee, please forward this communication to the General Body. Regards, T. Justin TAGDV Election Committee 2023 – Chair

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Candidate Profile: Saravanan Krishnan

Name: Saravanan KrishnanPhone: 610-850-4502Email: saravanan.gobi@gmail.comTAGDV Membership Tenure     Life MemberVolunteer Positions held at TAGDV·      Exton Tamil Palli Treasurer (2021-2023)·      TAGDV event volunteer (Program, Food and Stalls) for 10+ events·      Multiple ETP Volunteering roles during last 5 years·      Represented TAGDV during two FetNA convention events held in Chicago and New YorkSignificant Contribution done to TAGDV·      Significant contribution towards increasing the Exton Tamil Palli students count from 200 to 310+·      Every increase in student count brings more love towards our Tamil language and its directly helped in increasing the TAGDV Membership.·      Brought more people to Volunteer for ETP through effective coordination as team and innovative communications.·      As a three member ETP core team, successfully conducted school annual days with 650+ persons.·      Brought many cost savings to Exton Tamil Palli/TAGDV and built many assets during our team tenure, that helps our Tamil school and TAGDV.·      Extended the Tamil school library from 50 books to 200+ books.·      Supported most of the TAGDV Executive committee members (Brought many stalls to support our TAGDV event by working with Marketing coordinator)Personal Details / Facebook Handler (If Applicable) Job Details / Linkedin Profile Current Employer       Leading communication providerJob Title       Lead Solution ArchitectBrief Bio (200 words)I live in Exton along with my spouse and two kids. Working as Lead solution Architect in reputable telecommunication provider and being in the IT/Telecommunication fields during last two decades. I love connecting people and work as team to perform well for many volunteering organizations. Connected with Exton Tamil Palli since 2019 and performed Treasurer role for 2 years. Additionally volunteered in the PTO board for Exton elementary school during 2022-23.My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)·      Our TAGDV members currently volunteering more than 10,000 hours yearly by teaching through our Tamil schools and TAGDV events. My first promise is to build the system to record volunteer hours to get State level recognition like Governor awards in short term (Both Delaware and Pennsylvania)·      Bring Presidential awards for our Youth volunteers in next 2-3 years.·      TAGDV hosted the first FeTNA convention during 1988. I will work with other EC members and school committee members to improve the TAGDV participation in FetNA events and programs.·      We as next EC team will set the good platform to run the FetNA Convention by TAGDV soon.·      Improve the TAGDV social media presence by creating more contents and programs in TAGDV Facebook and YouTube channels. Proposing new Subcommittee to be formed from all our Tamil schools.·      Proposing the Single consolidated online Tamil school to support Delaware, South Jersey and Pennsylvania members. This will help in increasing Tamil learning opportunity for every kid in our Tri-State area.·      Conduct sports events for our TAGDV members and their Kids to enrich their skills and social connect.·      Proposing to conduct fund raising events/events for awareness (Like Autism) and local causes to connect our Tamil community to local people.·      Improve and modernize the assets for TAGDV for better cost optimization.

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Candidate Profile: Sundar Govindarajan

  TAGDV Membership Tenure  Since 2015Volunteer Positions held at TAGDV  Volunteer at PMTS events and TAGDV Tamil school events like Book distribution etcSignificant Contribution done to TAGDV  Looking for the opportunity to join TAGDV EC to make contributionsPersonal Details / Facebook Handler (If Applicable)  Job Details / Linkedin Profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sundar-pmp/Current Employer   Job Title  Doing consulting for Cloud migration and .Net architecturesBrief Bio (200 words)  Living in Lansdale, PA with my wife Kavitha and my sons Lukesh and Daiwik. Every one of our family did some volunteer to the TAG. My wife was a PMTS teacher. I have experience in handling non-profit organizations and in corporate management.My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)  My promises to TAGDV Patrons are deeply rooted in our commitment to the welfare and prosperity of our community. I will be committed to strengthening TAGDV and our Tamil schools in various ways, creating opportunities for our member to engage with the younger generation, and fostering increased awareness and participation in Tamil schools and TAGDV. My interest is in preserving and promoting Tamil language and culture.Ultimately, my commitment is to contribute to the overall growth and well-being of our community, working together for a strong, vibrant TAGDV that benefits all its supporters. I humbly seek your support and trust as I embark on this journey and am wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling these promises for the betterment of TAGDV and all its supporters. Thank you for considering me as a member of TAGDV  EC. 

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Candidate Profile: KARTHIK SUNDARAM

 NameKARTHIK SUNDARAMPhone #2672100134Email idskmtkarthik@gmail.comTAGDV Membership TenureSince 2019Brief Bio (200 words)I’m Karthik Sundaram, residing in North Wales PA with my wife and Son. Since 2019, my son has been student in Tamil school, starting from Nilai 1.  My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)If I elected as “EC-Member at Large” - I promise to be a cornerstone in our collective journey to bring people together and enhance their engagement. I will attend and actively participate in all Sangam events and initiatives. I will strive to promote inclusivity and cultural enrichment, working alongside my fellow members to strengthen our bond and create a vibrant and engaged Tamil community. I will actively work to create an environment where every member feels included, valued, and encouraged to share their unique contributions. I commit to using my skills, knowledge, and time to support our community  building endeavors and help strengthen our bond. Through dedication, collaboration, and open communication, I aim to make the Tamil Sangam a vibrant and thriving hub for our community .

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Candidate Profile: Baskar Chinnusamy

Phone: 302 898 8983Email: baski.c@gmail.comTAGDV Membership TenureSince 2008, Currently Life memberVolunteer Positions held at TAGDVExecutive committee: Membership coordinator 2020 to 2021. Vice President 2022 to 2023.  Significant Contribution done toTAGDVAs part of my previous roles conducted multiple events, created a software to secure membership data, started second TAGDV Tamil school in Delaware (Middletown), we are in 3rd school year in-person with 45 kids. I was a Tamil teacher, teaching 2 school years, 2 grades each week, one after the other (Virtual).Brief BioI work for a financial institution in cybersecurity field. Completed my second masters from Georgia Tech inCybersecurity major. I believe in positive thinking; it makes our lives better and I have conducted few sessions on positive thinking in the past. I love helping people and happy to see their life changing. We take a lot from the community and I want to give back to the community in all the ways I could. I’m currently working with school district to make Tamil one of the world languages to teach in high school as part of their curriculum. I’m running for board of trustee open position and requesting you to allow me to serve you.My promises to TAGDV PatronsBeing part of executive committee, I have seen good and bad things happening in this association. I want to help streamline multiple items being part of the new board of trustee. •       Will make sure the association works in the best interest of all the members not just few committee members. •       Will work on getting credit for high school students at their school for Tamil. Experimented this year and was successful, will implement the same for more students. •       Will bring in more Tamil families to the association as I already did by opening a new school in Middletown (south Delaware). •       Will help grow Tamil arts like Silambam, Paria, etc.•       Continue to help TAGDV Tamil schools grow and operate successfully by working closely with them and provide the support they need. 

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Candidate Profile: Ravichandran Raju

Phone: 4794452542 Email: ravigr@gmail.com  TAGDV Membership Tenure  Since 2015Volunteer Positions held at TAGDV  • DTP School Coordinator 2021-23Significant Contribution done to TAGDV  Led the DTP school operations for two yearsPersonal Details / Facebook Handler (If Applicable) NAJob Details / Linkedin Profile  NACurrent Employer  NAJob Title  NABrief Bio (200 words)  Ravi lives in Claymont, DE with his wife Krishnaveni, twin kids Ilan & Iniya. A proud member of TAGDV since 2015 and a proud parent of Delaware Tamil Palli. Have volunteered for DTP regularly. Most recently was the school coordinator for DTP during 2021-2023My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)  Contesting for TAGDV-Treasurer and looking forward to bringing innovations in operations of TAGDV. Tirelessly work towards the integration of TAGDV & Schools by establishing appropriate communication channels. Improve the general body awareness about TAGDV and thus improve the participation of GB in all events. Super excited about continuing the contribution to Tamil language & community.              

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Candidate Profile: Periyasamy Kanagaraj

Phone: 3027728766Email: touchwoodit@gmail.comTAGDV Membership Tenure  Since 2020Volunteer Positions held at TAGDV  NoneSignificant Contribution done to TAGDV  •       Food distributions at Delaware Tamil school•       Volunteering in the school events particularly audio and food sections Personal Details / Facebook Handler (If Applicable) Job Details / Linkedin Profile  www.linkedin.com/in/periyasamy-kanagaraj75140620Current Employer  Please refer my LinkedIn profileJob Title  Please refer my LinkedIn profileBrief Bio (200 words)  I am living in Wilmington Delaware since 2018 with my wife and two children. Happyto see My kids continuing to learn Tamil eagerly in USA. We speak Tamil most of the time at home. Our parents are very happy to see their grandchildren speaking in Tamil fluently and they feel comfortable. That is all I wanted and that made me to volunteer in many activities for Tamil school to support them.   My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)  With everyone’s kind support and consensus, I can promise to do the following, •       Involve Parents & Kids in choosing events for school programs.•       Involve Parents & Kids in choosing restaurant/food selections as well. •       Ensure that teachers receive encouragement, appreciation and rewards.•       Assisting teachers in motivating kids to learn Tamil using latest technologies.I will either commit to fulfill my promises or work with team members if they have better  idea than mine.

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Candidate Profile: Bhuvaneshwari Natarajan Gunasekaran

TAGDV Membership Tenure since 2019Volunteer Positions held at TAGDV DTP School volunteer DTP School TeacherSignificant Contribution done to TAGDV Served 3 years as Tamil School Volunteer(Teacher) Emceed for TAGDV Events  Personal Details / Facebook Handler (If Applicable)N/AJob Details / Linkedin ProfileN/ACurrent EmployerN/AJob TitleN/ABrief Bio (200 words)Bhuvaneshwari @ Bhuvee/Bhuvana  w/o  Vimalraj, proud working mom of Two little Angels from Wilmingon, DE a fun loving person deeply rooted in our Tamil community who volunteered as a dedicated Tamil teacher in DTP, nurturing the language and values that are close to our hearts. Additionally, I've had the privilege of emceeing and coordinating couple of TAGDV/ DTP programs, fostering a sense of togetherness and Celebration among us.My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)Contesting here today for the position of EC - Member at Large with a vision to enhance our TAGDV's cultural vibrancy and secure a bright future for our next generation. As a former program co-ordinator in our Tamil school, where I have played a pivotal role in planning and executing numerous events that inculcates a stronger connection to our culture. Now here to step up and take my commitment to the next level. With all you support I am eager to build a strong connection between TAGDV and our schools, actively encouraging each participation with most welcoming inputs from our community. I also promise to value every individual's interest and talents within our community and aim to bring a wealth of cultural activities, refurbish our heritage and empower our youth to carry our values into the future. 

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Candidate Profile: Vasanthi Karthikeyan

TAGDV Membership Tenure10+ years – lifetime membershipVolunteer Positions held atTAGDVServed as a volunteer in TAGDV eventsSignificant Contribution done toTAGDVVolunteered towards Decoration, kids activities (Rangoli competitions, face painting)Served as a judge for Thirukkural Competition and Dance CompetitionPerformed Karnatic Vocal Programs for Pongal and Diwali CelebrationsPersonal Details / Facebook Handler (If Applicable) Job Details / Linkedin Profile Current Employer Job TitleProduct Owner, IT CompanyBrief Bio (200 words)I’m Vasanthi Karthikeyan. I live in Warrington, PA with my husband Balaji Karthikeyan, daughter Shreya, son Pratyush, and pet poodle Bruno. I’m a Product Owner working for a reputable IT organization. My family is lifetime member of TAGDV. I love music, learnt Karnatic Music for many years. I love to sing and teach what I learnt for free to interested kids and friends in my community. I volunteer in a local Pet Rescue Organization (non-profit) as an adoption coordinator and on vetting volunteer applications. My hobbies are travel, watch movies, and try different cuisines. My promises to TAGDV Patrons? (200 words)I would like to create a dedicated youth volunteering group in TAGDV to encourage youth volunteers for their active participation and make sure their volunteering hours get recorded in the long run. I would like to propose Presidential volunteering award to encourage and promote participation of our kids. Looking forward to contribute my time and efforts towards successful planning /coordination of TAGDV events. I've been fortunate to plan and manage the yearly Diwali celebrations for around 150-200 people in my area for the past 9 years, I'm looking forward to share my learnings and experience with the team.Work towards bringing in new members.Contribute towards documentation / communication, and bring everyone together as a community.

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