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Thirukkural & Thamizh Theni Competitions

TAGDV EC & School Board are excited to announce that the Thirukkural and Thamizh Theni competitions have been scheduled to be conducted on:

Stetson Middle School
1060 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA 19382

March 25 2023, Saturday from 12 to 5 PM.

For registration click here (Last date for registration is March 20, 2023)
For Competition rules and guidelines click here
For Syllabus click here
Please email thirukkural@tagdv.org for any questions.

1. This is a free event for all TAGDV Members.
2. Participants are asked to bring pencils, erasers, sharpeners.
3. Drop Off Procedure: Due to general venue restrictions, Parents are not allowed to stay and wait at the premises. As soon as you arrive, volunteers will usher the child(ren) to the designated classrooms.
4. Parents, please keep your Photo ID ready to be produced as child(ren) will be signed in and signed out with proper safety protocols.
5. Pick up Procedure: Parents will receive a call from TAGDV volunteers when your child(ren) is ready to be picked up.


வாங்க பேசலாம்!!!
Virtual Literary Event – ‘தமிழ்த்திரைப்பட பாடல்களில் அகநானூறு’ 


Please join for a lively literary circle discussion on the topic – ‘தமிழ்த்திரைப்பட பாடல்களில் அகநானூறு’. Sangam literature have always been a great source of inspiration for Tamil Cinema in all aspects, especially the song lyrics.

உங்களுக்கு தெரிந்த திரைப்பட பாடல்களில் சங்ககால பாடல்களை (குறுந்தொகை, நற்றிணை, அகநானூறு, ஐங்குறுநூறு, கலித்தொகை) தழுவி எழுதப்பட்டிருக்கக்கூடிய பாடல்களை பற்றிய ஒப்பீடுகளை கொண்டு வாருங்கள்!!! வாங்க பேசலாம் !!

This is a Free event for TAGDV Members. Only members 15+ are allowed to attend this event.

For questions, support and help on research on the topic – Please email us at litcircle@tagdv.org TAGDV literary subcommittee is here to help you!

What we do?

It is a family-centric organization with the goal of preserving Tamil Culture and Language.

Academic Activities
Currently, we run 4 Tamil Schools (Exton, PA, Plymouth meeting, PA, Middletown, DE and Wilmington, DE) and are affiliated with the Tamil Virtual Academy based in Chennai. We intend to obtain Accreditation of Tamil as an official second language in American School System and biliteracy program in PA.
We also hold several competitions annually for children and adults such as Spelling Bee, Thirukural recital, Poetry etc…

Cultural Activities
We celebrate Pongal (January), Tamil New Year (April) and Deepavali (October/November) with big events. We also have annual picnics and sports day.

“Sangamam” magazine, is published twice a year to encourage interest towards Tamil literature and showcase members’ talents.

Community Activities
We have initiated “TAGDV Cares”. Based on the Tamil tradition that is several millennia old – “யாதும் ஊரே, யாவரும் கேளிர்” – TAGDV Cares aims to help equip every TAGDV member, to make the right decisions for themselves, their beloved families and the communities that sustain them.

Welcome to the home page of Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley (TAGDV), one of the oldest Tamil organizations in USA. TAGDV was founded in 1970 by Indian expatriates from Tamil Nadu, India and serves the geographical tri-state area around Philadelphia includes the South East PA, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

The Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley (TAGDV) is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Membership Registration


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TAGDV Emergency Support

We have launched TAGDV Emergency Support” to provide support and guidance to our members and the Tamil community in the tri-state area, in case of emergency.

We provide advice and guidance on handling an emergency situation (free of cost). We also connect you to a TAGDV volunteer who is specialized to help address your situation.

Visit TAGDV Emergency Support for more details and to reach out to us in case of emergency.