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TVU Exam Dates:  Exams are usually conducted in the month of May for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. If we have enough registrants, there is a possibility of having another exam date in the month of Nov/Dec. Email notifications will be sent to our Tamil Schools by March and the registration deadline will be April 15th of each year. Exam fee will be $25 payable to ‘TAGDV’ for all levels of exams. For further details, please contact the TVA coordinator, Mrs. Veni Jayakumar at

Syllabus: You can find all the lessons at:

Registration: For the students taking basic exam – parents can visit the website,  click the student details – there is an online registration form. Parents can complete this and submit online. Once the submission is completed, they’ll get the student ID.

For the students who wish to take Intermediate exam, if they’ve taken Basic exam already, they don’t need to register again. The same student id will be used for intermediate and advanced exams.

Coordinator: Mrs. Veni Jayakumar         

TVU Exam – Model Question Papers

Basic –

Intermediate –