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சித்திரை திருவிழா: 
The Executive Committee of TAGDV would like to thank all our members, participants, parents, teachers, choreographers, volunteers and vendors for a very succesful சித்திரை திருவிழா 2016 this past Saturday at the John Dickinson high school. The cultural programs were wonderfully performed and choreographed and we like to thank every participant and their parents for the hard work..

Upcoming Events:
Tennis and Picnic Day – Mid July
Deepavali – Early November

Thirukkural and Spelling Bee 2016
The Executive Committee would like to thank all the participants, the parents, judges, and volunteers for making this event a grand success.  The event broke all records with 105 total participants.  We appreciate the very hard work put in by the children and their parents.  A very special thanks to Professor Sridhar Santhanam for the Villanova University class rooms that was given to TAGDV for no cost.  We also thank our sponsors, Dr. Geetha Srinivasan and Mrs. Usha Balasubramaniam.

Congratulations to all the winners.  Please join us on May 7 to receive your awards.  All participants from group 1a and 1b will receive participation medals.

Please click on the Thirukkural Photos to see the event photos.  We like to thank Mrs. Karpagam Aravindhan for taking the pictures.

Group 1 A (Pre K/below 5 Years)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Avijith Shyamsundar Rekha &
Vishahan Sethu
Vishahan Sethu
2nd Place Rohita Prathap Kavin Dinesh
3rd Place Abinaya Selvarajaguru Abinaya Selvarajaguru
Award of Excellence Vishahan Sethu

Group 1 B (KG, Age 5 and above)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Apoorva K Deekshith Siddarth Sankar
Vishal Karthikeyan
2nd Place Saashwath H Swamy Tharun Kannan
Kani Anbu Duraikkannan
3rd Place Siddarth Sankar Usha Venkat
Award of Excellence Siddarth Sankar

Group 2 (1st and 2nd Grade)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Madhav Manikandan
Swathi Sampath-Kumar
Rithvik Samy
2nd Place Ananya K Deekshith Rasika Sivakumar,
Madhav Manikandan
Varsha Muthiah
3rd Place Varsha Muthiah
Harshini Kannan
Award of Excellence Madhav Manikandan

Group 3 (3rd and 4th Grade)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Roshni Srikant Shivam Saravanan
2nd Place Diya Mahesh
Saathivik H Swamy
Saathivik H Swamy
3rd Place Naren Gopalakrishnan Rekha Harini Sundar
Award of Excellence Saathivik H Swamy

Group 4 (5th and 6th Grade)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Kanmani Anbu Duraikkannan Seethalakshmi Saravanan
2nd Place Ashmitha Balaji Saanvi Venkatesan
Akshaya Shyamsundar Rekha
3rd Place Saanvi Venkatesan  Navein Suresh
Judges Honorable mention Trinay Sundaresan
Award of Excellence Saanvi Venkatesan

Group 5 (7th and 8th Grade)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Swetha Sampath-Kumar Nitish Mahesh
2nd Place Nitish Mahesh Swetha Sampath-Kumar
3rd Place Sneha Muthiah Adchayan Santhirasegaran
Award of Excellence Nitish Mahesh

Group 6 (9th Grade and above)

Thirukkural Spelling Bee
1st Place Prem Ganesh Prem Ganesh
2nd Place Charan Santhirasegaran Priya Ganesh
3rd Place Charan Santhirasegaran
Award of Excellence Prem Ganesh

Thirukkural Open Recital

1st Place – Saathvik H Swamy
2nd Place – Navein Suresh
3rd Place – Ashmitha Balaji and Trinay Sundaresan
Judge’s Honorable Mention – Harshini Kannan and Adchayan Santhirasegaran

TN Flood Relief/restoration related projects requests

Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley (TAGDV) seeks Flood Relief/restoration related projects requests from NGOs in Tamil Nadu that are impacted by the unprecedented flood of 2015. These NGOs must be in compliant with 501(c)3, FCRA and 80G rules that have been established by the IRS and the Indian Government. Please pass this information to your family or friends in India who are working with NGO’s.
Please click here to know more about this.

TAGDV Elections

The election committee declares the winners for the open positions on the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee for 2016/2017. 

Board of Trustees:
1. Dr. Kar Muthumani(Chairman)
Mr. Antony Rajan(Secretary)
Dr. Mahalakshmi Srinivasan(Treasurer)
Mr. Duraikannan Sundarackannan
Mr. Krishnamani Ramasubramaniam

Executive Committee(2016-2017):
1.  Mr. Arvind Aravindhan – President
  Mr. Venkatesan Ranganathan – Vice President
  Mr. Narayanan Radhakrishnan –  Secretary
  Ms. Visalatchi Raman – Treasurer
  Mr. Gynanasabai Muthupalaniappan
  Mr. Shyamsundar Vaithiyanathan
  Mr. Venkat Venkataraman
  Mr. Kannan Chidambaram
Ms. Kalyani Ramasamy

Congratulations to our new Executive Committee and Board members!!!

No Events


The Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley (TAGDV) – serving the Philadelphia area and its surrounding NJ and Delaware areas – is a cultural, charitable, secular, non-political organization primarily interested in cultivating and fostering Tamil culture, language, literature and friendship.

The primary objectives of TAGDV are: Cultivate and promote Tamil Culture and friendship by organizing various cultural events Social activities. Promote and foster the knowledge of Tamil language and literature. Strive for and promote better understanding between people of Tamil and other cultures and organizations with compatible objectives.

Organization Structure:

 Executive Committee
  Board of Trustees
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Five Committee Members
  • Chairperson
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Two Members 
  • Ex-officio members – TAGDV President and Treasurer of the Executive Committee


Primary Events:

The events TAGDV celebrate
The following major events are organized each calendar year by TAGDV:

Pongal Day: Organized during the second week in January, this event coincides with the harvest season in Tamil Nadu.
Tamil New Year’s Day: Organized during the second week in April, this event marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year.
Deepavali: a.k.a. the festival of lights, this event marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated towards the end of October or early November.
Couple’s Night: This event coincides with the Valentine’s Day during the middle of February.
Special events: Performances by visiting professional artists and scholars from India.


• Tamil School
• Human Services
• Youth Committee


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